Feature story A new flight simulator is introduced for Army pilot training on the UH-72A

December 24, 2008

Army aviators were the first to utilize a new full-motion helicopter flight simulator at American Eurocopter’s Grand Prairie, Texas facility as part of their training on the UH-72A Lakota.

The new simulator provides flight scenarios in day, night and IFR conditions, and is compatible with night vision goggles.

The simulator became operational earlier this month, creating realistic flight training conditions with its six-degree of freedom full-motion system, and a visual system that generates a 170-deg. X 80-deg. field of view.  

This training device simulates operations in day, night and IFR (instrument flight rules) conditions, and is compatible with night vision goggle capabilities – offering a safe and effective way to perform the full range of training, including advanced mission-based scenarios. 

American Eurocopter builds the UH-72A for prime contractor EADS North America, and the company provides training for Army personnel as part of its industrial responsibilities.  The on-going Army flight training with helicopters based at American Eurocopter’s Grand Prairie facility will now be augmented with additional hours on the simulator. 

To date, more than 190 Army pilots and 85 maintenance personnel have been trained to fly and support the Lakota as the service deploys its fleet of Light Utility Helicopters across the U.S.

The state-of-the-art flight simulator at Grand Prairie is configured to represent Eurocopter’s EC135/EC145 rotary-wing aircraft.  The Lakota is derived from the EC145, which is in extensive use worldwide for law enforcement, MEDEVAC services, oil and gas operations, corporate transport and utility work. In addition to its use by Army aviators, the simulator is available for pilot training with American Eurocopter’s other U.S. customers.

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