Feature story Expanding missions for the UH-72A are highlighted at the 100th Lakota delivery ceremony

March 4, 2010


EADS North America’s delivery of its 100th UH-72A Lakota today highlighted the expanding mission applications for the U.S. Army’s growing fleet of Light Utility Helicopters. 

All three aircraft spotlighted during today’s delivery ceremony – which was held at the Lakota production facility in Columbus, Mississippi – are to go overseas, with two of them assigned to Germany, and the third sent for a Pacific Ocean deployment.

Our “walkaround” photo feature provides a look at the three aircraft:

The milestone 100th UH-72A will be one of 10 Lakotas deployed to Germany with the U.S. Army’s Joint Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC), becoming part of this unit’s Combat Training Center.  These aircraft will be used in the training of pilots for combat engagements, as well as for support missions that include carrying observers to oversee war game scenarios performed against “aggressor” aircraft.  The Combat Training Center’s UH-72As are to be outfitted with a mission equipment package that includes a Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES), a SMart On-Board Data Interface Module (SMODIM), and an electronic data manager.

This is one of several Lakotas to be flown in an “opposing force” camouflage paint scheme for their operation by the U.S. Army’s Joint Multinational Readiness Center in Germany.  As the aircraft shown during today’s ceremony has yet to be delivered to the U.S. Army, it carries a temporary civilian registration number.  The Combat Training Center’s use of UH-72As will mark another mission application for the U.S. Army’s growing inventory of Lakotas.

Also displayed at the delivery ceremony is one of four Lakotas to be stationed at the Pacific Ocean’s Kwajalein Atoll for transport and support duties at the U.S. Army’s missile test range, replacing aging UH-1s.  Painted in high-visibility orange, the overwater equipment on these UH-72As will include skid-mounted floats, a life raft and jettisonable cockpit doors for rapid egress.

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