Press release Four leading suppliers join the UH-145 industrial team for the U.S. Army’s Light Utility Helicopter

Arlington, Virginia, April 10, 2006 — The UH-145 Light Utility Helicopter’s world-class industrial team has been further expanded with the addition of four new suppliers for avionics, navigation and communications systems, windscreens and windows, and crew and passenger seats.

Selected by EADS North America and its subsidiary American Eurocopter to join the UH-145 supplier line-up are: Thales USA, Wulfsberg Electronics, the NORDAM Group and Armor Holdings.

“These companies are the newest members of our world-class supplier team that is committed to ensuring the best operational solution for the UH-145, and fully meeting the Army’s commercially-oriented acquisition strategy for the Light Utility Helicopter,” said Ralph D. Crosby, Jr., Chairman and CEO of EADS North America.

Thales USA’s avionics suite for the UH-145 utilizes proven, commercial equipment that is in extensive operation on rotary-wing aircraft worldwide. It is based on the company’s Meghas® cost-effective, new-generation avionics suite, which features a glass cockpit with active matrix liquid crystal displays. The system’s centralized vehicle and engine management display (VEMD) replaces a dozen conventional instruments, contributing to the avionics suite’s reduced cost and low pilot workload.

Meghas already equips the Eurocopter EC145, EC135, EC155, EC120, EC130 and AS350 helicopters. Production of Meghas for all these aircraft types, as well as the UH-145, will be transferred from Europe to a new Thales USA facility in Irvine, California.

Wulfsberg Electronics is to provide the UH-145’s navigation and communications systems, which are produced at the company’s Prescott, Arizona facility. The components for navigation and air traffic control communications are dual VHF communications transceivers; dual VHF navigation receivers with VOR, ILS and marker beacon; and a DME transceiver. The UH-145’s tactical communications system is composed of an RT-5000 wideband transceiver with coverage from 29 MHz to 960 MHz, as well as dual P-2000 tactical communications transceivers. Wulfsberg Electronics already supplies navigation and communications systems for EC145 helicopters used in civilian and special mission roles, as well as for the EC135 and EC155 rotary-wing aircraft.

The NORDAM Group’s Transparency Division has been designated to supply the UH-145’s windscreens and windows. The UH-145 provides unmatched visibility for the helicopter’s crew and passengers, with large multi-piece wraparound front windscreens, multiple side-fuselage windows on cockpit and passenger doors, as well as side windows for the main cabin. The NORDAM Group is one of the largest independently-owned aerospace companies in the world, and will produce the UH-145 transparencies at its Tulsa, Oklahoma plant.

The UH-145’s crew and passenger seats will be from the Simula product line, manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona by the Armor Holdings Aerospace & Defense Group. The helicopter’s two energy-absorbing cockpit seats have ergonomic cushions, a 4-point restraint system with an inertia reel, and are qualified to the latest FAA crashworthiness specifications. Armor Holding’s passenger seats for the UH-145 also meet FAA crashworthiness specifications and incorporate a fold-up seat pan. The lightweight cockpit and passenger seats use advanced composites, including aramid and graphite materials.

The U.S.-built UH-145 is an American solution based on the multi-mission EC145 rotary-wing aircraft, which has become the helicopter of choice for many U.S. hospitals and aero-medical service providers. These twin-engine aircraft are operating daily in the same challenging missions foreseen for the Army's Light Utility Helicopter, which will be assigned duties that include medical evacuation, passenger and logistics transportation, search and rescue and homeland security operations.

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