Press release STAT MedEvac receives third of four EC145s from American Eurocopter

May 16, 2006 — STAT MedEvac of Pittsburgh, PA - the largest private provider of rotary wing Air Medical Service in the United States - has just taken delivery of a third of EC145s it ordered from American Eurocopter. This aircraft, which will be based at STAT MedEvac's new facility at Baltimore's Inner Harbor, is currently in the last phase of completion. Currently, STAT MedEvac operates 22 American Eurocopters to fulfill its AMS mission in western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and New York State. Its fleet is a mix of EC135s, EC145s, BK117s, and AS355s.

STAT MedEvac

"We will be using this EC145 in conjunction with Johns Hopkins University Hospital," says Jim Bothwell, President of STAT MedEvac. "As with all our new Eurocopter AMS rotorcraft, it will be equipped for single pilot IFR with a ground proximity warning system, a satellite phone, and every bell and whistle you can think of."

With a fast cruise speed of 132 kts, an advanced MEGHAS glass cockpit, and an optional IFR configuration with digital autopilot for both single or dual pilot applications, the EC145 is a true multi-mission helicopter. The EC145 is capable of carrying one pilot and nine passengers, thanks to its two Turbomeca ARRIEL 1E2 engines.

"The EC135 is the workhorse of STAT MedEvac's fleet," Bothwell says. "However, for those situations where we need extra lifting capacity and interior space - during the transport of cardiac patients with circulatory assistance equipment and the technicians to operate it, for instance - we need the added lift and room that the EC145 delivers."

Commenting on the two recently-delivered EC145s in his fleet, Jim Bothwell notes that, "compared to other manufacturers' aircraft, the EC145s have shown themselves to be very reliable. Even though they are new, we haven't had a single issue with their airframes." He is also pleased with the after-sales support he is receiving from American Eurocopter.

"They are offering the best product assistance and supply that they have ever offered," Bothwell says. He adds that STAT MedEvac "is poised to purchased two more EC145s and four EC135s at the end of June 2006."

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